BLS-AED-SRC comprehensive course (generic provider) for companies

This cour­se com­pri­ses both the BLS cour­se and the use of auto­ma­ted exter­nal defi­bril­la­tors or the AED cour­se. Pri­or know­ledge is not necessary.

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Important in every company: an extensive first-aid course

We offer first-aid cour­ses for all com­pa­nies. After all, an emer­gen­cy can hap­pen any­whe­re. That’s why a com­pa­ny needs more than just one or two employees who know about first aid – it needs as many of its staff as pos­si­ble to be capa­ble of admi­nis­te­ring it. reap­lus offers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to train staff wit­hin your com­pa­ny on-site.

Course information

Course details

  • Cour­se dura­ti­on: four hours
  • Cour­se loca­ti­on: on-site training

Target group

Our cour­ses are aimed at employees of com­pa­nies in all sec­tors who need to be able to demons­tra­te reli­able BLS skills, i.e. health pro­fes­sio­nals and first respon­ders char­ged with pro­vi­ding health­ca­re services.

  • Com­pa­nies in all sectors
  • Asso­cia­ti­ons
  • Fire ser­vice
  • Poli­ce
  • In-house emer­gen­cy respon­se officers
  • Life­guards
  • Sama­ri­tans on patrol

What do you learn in a first-aid course?

In an emer­gen­cy, only com­pe­tent and fast action will help. reap­lus tea­ches you how to respond cor­rect­ly and save lives with simp­le equipment.

Course content

  • Rai­sing the alarm and res­cue chain
  • Car­dio­pul­mo­na­ry resus­ci­ta­ti­on (CPR)
  • Use of an AED
  • Loss of con­scious­ness and reco­very position
  • First aid in the event of a heart attack
  • First aid in the event of a stroke
  • First aid in the event of choking
  • You will recei­ve an SRC-cer­ti­fied CPR licen­se badge (BLS/AED) which is valid for two years.


The BLS-AED-SRC com­pre­hen­si­ve cour­se (gene­ric pro­vi­der) is cer­ti­fied by the Swiss Resus­ci­ta­ti­on Coun­cil (SRC). At the end of our cour­se, all par­ti­ci­pants recei­ve a CPR licen­se badge which is valid for two years. Taking part in a refres­her cour­se allows par­ti­ci­pants to extend cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on by ano­t­her two years.

Customised courses

reap­lus runs first-aid cour­ses tailo­red to your needs. Mix and match by choo­sing from the fol­lowing topics and more.

We would be hap­py to advi­se you and help you put tog­e­ther trai­ning for your company.

Respond correctly to

  • All­er­gic reactions
  • Falls
  • Short­ness of breath
  • Epi­le­psy
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Bone frac­tures
  • Blee­ding
  • Burns
  • Heart attack
  • Col­lap­se
  • Cuts
  • More topics avail­ab­le on request

In-house AED defibrillators

reap­lus can advi­se you on purcha­sing a sui­ta­ble auto­ma­ted exter­nal defi­bril­la­tor (AED). This incre­a­ses the chan­ces of sur­vi­val signi­fi­cant­ly if some­bo­dy is suf­fe­ring from a car­diac arrest. All AEDs fea­ture voice inst­ruc­tions that can be rea­di­ly unders­tood by lay­peop­le. After an ana­ly­sis, the defi­bril­la­tor advi­ses the user to admi­nis­ter a shock, whe­re necessa­ry. If defi­bril­la­ti­on is not requi­red, a shock can­not be triggered.

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